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A WordPress plugin for WooCommerce

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Why do you need this?

Vibrant Environment

Let visitors know your brand is active, alive & popular. Would you go into an empty restaurant? Your customers don’t want to shop in an abandoned store either.


The world is full of procrastinators. With this plugin you can motivate them to make a quicker decision towards buying your product, in a non-intrusive way.


Show visitors that other people are buying your products without any problems and are loving your brand.


Capture your visitors' attention and give them a taste of what you have on offer. Show products they might not come across by simply browsing your website.


1 Product image

The plugin automatically includes a product image, to the left or right.

2 Title

Increase urgency with your product name, price and stock availability.

3 Message

Write your own message, including price, buyer info and location.

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4 Time indication

Add a smart timestamp to increase urgency. You can turn the feature on or off, and decide how far back it goes.

5 Notification

With many settings for both design & behavior, you have total control over what your visitors see.

6 Non-intrusive

User experience is key: allow them to turn off notifications.

↓ There's a lot more ↓

Mobile friendly

The notifications work great on mobile and tablet screens. If you don’t want them to appear there, we've got a setting for that too!

Putting your customer first

We’ve included plenty of settings to make the notifications non-intrusive for your visitors. From timing options to hiding elements — it's all about providing a great user experience while still converting!

Fits your brand

The '80s are way behind us! Design plays a huge part in converting visitors into buyers. That's why this plugin is 100% customizable so that it will align perfectly with your brand and style.

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